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To Our Valued Customers:

Mon., Mar. 16, 2020

Amid the growing concerns and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, Hoover is committed to protecting the health and well-being of our customers, service partners, employees, office visitors, and communities. We are closely monitoring this global pandemic, and our carefully developed and regularly updated business continuity plan is in place to help ensure our ability to maintain our daily operations without service compromise during this rapidly-evolving public health issue.

While our telephonic nursing team works from our corporate office in Mechanicsburg, PA, Hoover is capable of immediately transitioning those nurses to work from their homes, if required as a result of this or any other public health concern. Our field nurses are already based out of their homes, working via secure connections. While most of our medical bill review staff work onsite in our corporate office, many already work from their homes, and Hoover is prepared to transition our onsite bill review staff to their homes, again, if needed, to continue these services via secure connections, and without interruption. All staff, meanwhile, are receiving regular updates from our HR department about COVID-19 and how to prevent its transmission.

As we work through this together, we will share updates on our website. In the meantime, if you experience any service or other difficulties as a result of this public health issue, remember that Hoover is here to help. If you need assistance, please contact us.


Raymond W. Hoover, M.Ed., CRC, LPC


To Our Valued Customers:

Wed., Mar. 25, 2020

Hoover continues our uninterrupted daily operations, while making the necessary modifications to certain logistics and services that have allowed us to meet the responsibilities and challenges placed upon all of us by current national, state, and local pandemic restrictions and recommendations. We also continue to explore with our customers new or modified ways to serve them, while applying our resources, technological infrastructure, and dedicated people to navigate our way through this unprecedented period in American business. Our emergency preparedness and business continuity plans have allowed us to quickly transfer staff to a work-from-home status as those needs have arisen, and our digital platforms and systems help us quickly adapt to rapidly changing business and service conditions. As we closely monitor the daily progress of and responses to the novel coronavirus pandemic, I want to assure you that we will likewise continue to do everything in our power to meet the daily needs of your staff, your insureds, and your injured workers.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you are having challenges meeting any internal or other service operations, Hoover is here to help. Please let us know…


Raymond W. Hoover, MEd, CRC, LPC


A Message of Gratitude & Support

On Tuesday, April 14, 2020, Hoover and KeyScripts are sending sandwich lunches to all medical staff of the UPMC Pinnacle West Shore Hospital, our Cumberland Technology Park neighbor. Thank you for your tireless work, professional dedication, and personal sacrifices in the fight for life and health in the face of COVID-19.

Raymond W. Hoover, M.Ed., CRC, LPC


Celebrating Nurse Week: May 6 - May 12, 2020

Hoover continues its service to the workers’ compensation industry through the new normal. Whether visiting the jobsite, the injured worker’s home, or the doctor’s office – our Nurse Case Managers will be there to coordinate and achieve the injured worker’s return to work in the shortest time possible. We gratefully acknowledge and appreciate all they do, and we thank them. Join us in celebrating National Nurses Week…

Experience the Hoover Advantage…

…Get effective, cost-controlled workers’ compensation claims management.

With 40 years of experience managing workers’ compensation for commercial carriers, employers and government, Hoover has the medical and insurance expertise, leading-edge technology, human and business resources, and organizational flexibility to help our customers rise above workers’ compensation challenges. Our strength is in our service, and we offer a level of stability and continuity rarely found in the workers’ compensation marketplace.  Our customers’ satisfaction is our core value, and is behind every service we provide.

As business needs change in the new economy, we will continue to expand and refine our services, streamline processes and workflows, and embrace new technologies - all in support of our commitment to helping our customers manage the impact and control the costs of workplace injury and illness.

Claims Management Synergy

“When conveying to prospective customers the value our flagship company offers through its relationship with KeyScripts – our workers’ compensation benefits manager – the word we keep coming back to is synergy…”

- Ray Hoover, President & CEO

Developed through 40 years of experience in workers’ compensation and auto claims management, KeyScripts is a workers’ compensation pharmacy benefit manager and ancillary services provider that can significantly reduce workers’ compensation costs, while improving service and support, for insurance carriers, government entities, self-insured employers and third party administrators.  

KeyScripts serves customers nationwide, with no out-of-pocket expense to injured workers when filling prescriptions, attending physical medicine or diagnostic testing appointments, or ordering durable medical equipment.

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